Representation of three main things placed on a Buddhist altar


Buddhists always decorate their altars with bright flowers from every season. Flowers appear to smooth our hearts and relieve our troubles. Altars should constantly have actual flowers relatively than non-natural flowers. Appearing at the weakness of a living flower reproduces back on our own transience. In Buddhism, flowers symbolize concern, one of the two major characteristics of Buddha beside with wisdom. Sympathy alleviate suffering and provides happiness.


Candles can regularly be originated on a Buddhist altar. Their light symbolizes wisdom, the second quality of Buddha. Wisdom permits us to see what is in advance; light allows us to see that expectations.


When Buddhists give their respects to Buddha at the altar, they present fragrant rile in order to sanitize their bodies. When screening high opinion for someone else, additional effort should be finished to show politeness to smell nice. So, unnecessary to say, these works are performed with reverence for Buddha in this way.

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