Buddhist Dinning Lifestyle

Buddhism plays a vital role in following the ethical values, spirituality and vegetarianism. Buddhist lifestyle is living in simplicity, peace, gratitude, wisdom and compassion. Since Buddhist meditate more hence they are very conscious of their food habits. Most Buddhists are vegetarians, but many Buddhists in Buddhist countries are not. The main idea is how each individual strictly follow and one takes the vow not to harm any life. East Asian "Buddhist" differs from Western vegetarian in one aspect that is avoided killing plants life. 


 Many had kitchens to cook mushrooms, vegetables, gourds, fruits, and all kinds of dishes made of bean curd. They also prefer dairy products and flours like wheat flour, corn flour, rice flour. Cow’s milk, black sesame seeds, and bee honey are also highly nutritious foods. Their food habits are very healthy and nutritious.They prefers vegetables for five reasons: They contain vitamins that aid digestion, they prevent nutritional deficiencies, they help prevent obesity, they improve blood circulation, and they prevent and help cure cancers.

Alcohol and other drugs are also avoided by many Buddhists because of their effects on the mind and "mindfulness". It is part of the Five Precepts which dictate that one is not to consume "addictive materials". The definition of "addictive" depends on each individual but most Buddhists consider alcohol, tobacco and contraband drugs to be addictive.

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