Why do we stoop to monks/nuns and the Buddha Statue?

The yellow dressing gown worn by monks is a symbol and memento of the Triple Gem, as is the Buddha Statue. Consequently one is actually bending over to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, not to several person or sculpture. There are two features to bowing — the physical action and the mind. If one bows since it gives one the chance to reveals one's faith in the Triple Gem, because it appears the right objects to do, and because it guides the mind to quiet, then it will be valuable.

If one bows without any reason or because one suffers that one must do so for exterior sake, then it is a fairly empty signal. When one bow three times to the Buddha sculpture or to senior monks, then mentally recall 'Buddho', then 'Dhammo' and then 'Sa ngho' and as well have mindfulness of the physical attitude as it turns ahead and the head handles the floor. Though, in Western countries this is often misinterprets and can be the resource of rather a lot of discomfiture. It is up to the persons themselves to make a decision what is suitable under the different conditions.

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