In what ways Buddhism differs from other Religions

• Christianity, Islam, and Judaism have a distinct originator who has given supporters a divinely-inspired book that offers leadership on how to perform daily actions in a proper and decent manner.

• Buddhism, by difference, has no solo creator or beautifully inspired book. As an alternative, it presents lessons trained by the chronological Buddha who lived on earth and enlightened the purpose of life.

• Christians and Muslims consider that they will live in perpetuity with God if their life on earth has been used up in worthy and useful detections; Jews are more disturbed with doing exact while breathing and reside little on what happens after death.

• Buddhists, on the new hand, do not consider that life on earth ends and a new life begins in heaven. Rather, they think that life is an eternal cycle of birth and renaissance, which what is done throughout a lifetime decides the type of life one will have in a potential manifestation unless a person is releases him or herself from the cycle.

• While Christians, Muslims and Jews desires to be predictable by God for their activities on earth, Buddhists seeks to achieve true happiness by living their lives according to the traditions of Buddha.

• Buddhists have no central administration, just different leaders who guide understanding of Buddha’s teachings with congregants who get together in temples, schools, and institutes.

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