10 most valuable points in understanding Buddhist belief

• Real individual happiness comes from within a person’s intelligence rather than from any external resource such as contacts, reputation, wealth, love, or amusement.

• Buddhism educates that there are really two kinds of happiness: Relative happiness — the type that can move toward and go more than time; and Absolute happiness – the type that does not disintegrate, lighten, or change as the years go by.

• Relative happiness will not give true happiness since the need to be more affluent or more powerful than somebody else can never actually be satisfied.

• Absolute happiness comes while a person to conclude reaches the actual reason of life and understands the reason he or she was place on earth.

• The intention of everyone’s life and the cause of complete happiness comes with true deliverance — the instant that all darkness infuses one’s life is eradicated.

• Looking for absolute happiness absorbs a process of knowledge, scrutinizing and at last accepting, without unwillingness, the detail that the whole thing purposes as an end result of some reason that makes a measureable effect.

• Nothing, in short, take place as of magical, fortune, or a supernatural force. Everything that happens happens for a reason. We harvest what we sow. The good and bad that every one of us does creates the positive and destructive results we and others have to transaction with.

• How we do something decide the crash of those events on ourselves and others. As greatly as we would like to responsibility the fortunes for what happens to us, end results are finally of our own doing.

• Once this is understood and acknowledged, a person can begin the procedure of changing his attitudes and actions to make a new life that rises above the pain and distress that puzzles so many of us.

• At last, in the mission for long-lasting happiness we ourselves should center on how our own events pressure our lives.

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chamzuniga said...

I really adore Buddhist, they are very optimistic. I remember my friend who's a nurse whenever she buy scrub pants from my store he always tells a story about Buddhism and it always makes me at ease.