Cockcrow Monastery Buddhist Monasteries Temple

It is one of the oldest famous Buddhist Monasteries Temple in Nanjing city. Cockcrow Monastery on the eastern foot of Jilong peak (Chicken Cage Mountain), the well-known Jihua Mountain one of the four Buddhist mountains in China and wonderful Xuanwu Lake  is to the east and to the north of respectively. As early as 300 AD, religious establishments had been place up. About 200 years later, Tongtai Buddhist Temple Monastery was built. It was the center of Buddhism of southern China, and visiting Indian monks had lived here. Since then Jilong Mountain has formerly been a holy land of Chinese Buddhism.

But a influential lighting blow on one day in 538 AD and a great fire was then blazed. It was only two small houses of the monastery temple were left. Ignored for 100 of years till 922, a new Buddhist monastery was built on the former site, called the Monastery of a Thousand Buddha, later on Yuanji Monastery. 

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