Buddha said that he was enlightened only after he understood the Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path

The Noble Eightfold Path of Buddha has eight factors they are:

1. Right understanding i.e. to know and understand the Four Noble Truths.

2. Right attitude i.e. to have three kinds of thoughts or attitudes:

(i) Thoughts of repudiation or an attitude of "letting go".

(ii) Thoughts of kindness to others, which are opposed to ill will.

(iii) Thoughts of harmlessness, as opposed to unkindness.

3. Right speech deals with abstaining from falsehood, such as telling lies or not telling the truth; tale-bearing or saying bad about other people; harsh words and playful talk such as gossiping.

4. Right actions that deals with abstaining from killing, stealing and sexual misconduct.

5. Right livelihood that deals with the five kinds of trade which should be avoided in order to lead a noble life. They are: trading in arms (weapons), living beings (breeding animals for murder), fascinating drinks and poison.

6. Right effort has four parts by means of meditation:

(i) Try to stop unpleasant thoughts that has arisen

(ii) Prevent unpleasant thoughts from arising.

(iii) Try to widen the good thoughts

(iv)Try to continue good thoughts that have arisen in your mind

7. Right mindfulness is also fourfold, since it is mindfulness of the body, mindfulness of feelings/sensations, mindfulness of thoughts passing through the mind and mindfulness of Dharma.

8. Right concentration is single-pointedness of mind as developed in meditation.