Learners look for psychological advantages in Buddhist studies

The School of Hong Kong recognized a Center of Buddhist Analysis and released a Expert of Buddhist Analysis program.The program shown well-known and has always been oversubscribed. Its graduates consist of many of the town's high go getters, such as mature municipal servants, barristers, physicians and business management. It also drawn several offshore candidates.

The increase in attention in Buddhist studies is, of course, not limited to Hong Kong.Paul Harrison, go of the university's Center of Buddhist Analysis, said university student attention in Buddhist studies had never been keener. Not that they all want to become priests or nuns, but they are really enthusiastic about improving their EQ in a very aggressive globe.

The same is real at other top worldwide colleges such as Stanford, Yale, New york, Oxford and Arlington.In this relationship, one can also see a increasing attention in used Buddhism as in comparison to simply theoretical studies. For example, at HKU, experiments (including doctorate research) consist of such subjects of used Buddhist studies as the effect of relaxation on neuroscience, obstetrics, therapy of medication lovers and psychological sufferers, guidance and arbitration. Such subjects promote cooperation among various ability and educational models.

Hong Kong has always been a place where Eastern satisfies Western. These days, it is also a conference factor of the three primary educational institutions of Buddhism - Theravada, China and Tibetan. Our town has also set a very good example for advertising interfaith dialogues and relaxing co-existence among Christianity, Islam, Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism for many decades.

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