The Nichiren Buddhism at SJSU

What comes to thoughts when you think of Buddhism?
Monks? Temples? Chanting? Peace?
All those factors are a aspect of the religious beliefs, but there are various kinds of Buddhism that you can get.

What's about Buddhism:

Buddhism is a religious beliefs with supporters all over the globe, and according to the web page BuddhaNet, there are different kinds because the focus changes from one nation to another depending on the lifestyle and traditions of individuals who exercise it.

According to the BuddhistCoach web page, Buddhism has progressed from different stages such as beginning Buddhism, the Mahayana, the Vajrayana and modern Buddhism.

Within these stages, it is mentioned on the BuddhistCoach web page that there are many different kinds of Buddhism such as Theravada, Zen, Nichiren, Tibetan and more.According to the BuddhaNet web page, Buddhism has been reinterpreted over and over again so that the lessons are still appropriate to present decades.

The Nichiren Buddhism at SJSU:


Soka Tigers is a Buddhist company at SJSU whose associates exercise Nichiren Buddhism, according to Yvonne Yamasaki, a mature graphics significant who is engaged in the company.
According to Yamasaki, “Nichiren Buddhism has a globally system known as the Soka Gakkai Worldwide.”
Yamasaki said The Soka Gakkai Worldwide was established in 1975 with origins in Asia.

Nichiren Buddhism is depending on lessons from Daishonin Nichiren , a thirteenth-century Buddhist monk, and his presentation of the Lotus Sutra.

According to Minako Nishiyama, a graduate student student in ecological research engaged in Soka Tigers, Buddhism began 2,500 decades ago.
“We do not have a God,” Nishiyama said. “We believe the most highly effective lifestyle power is within each being.”Buddhism motivates associates to have are: a stability of trust, exercise and research.

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