Five acts to defend Buddhism

Five Acts are to be initiated to protect Buddhism and the Maha Sangha for the upcoming generation, said by Prime Minister D.M. Jayaratne. He said a beginning suggestion was offered to Cabinet throughout its last deliberations. According to the Prime Minister, the offers include the formation of a Sangha Sabha consist of leading Buddhist monks to counsel the Government on matters related to Buddhism

The Acts would also consist of sections to prevent mandatory religious adaptations and methods to set up a dialogue within pious circles to talk about new trends in Buddhism and its applicability. 

Prime Minister Jayaratne completed these observations during a conversation with Atamasthanadipathi Ven. Pallegama Sirinivasa Thera in Anuradhapura. The leader also noted that in count to the five Acts, the Government was reflecting on introducing some other programs to meet rustic temples needs. 

One such effort is to provide an allowance to needy temples in rural areas to improve their infrastructure and supplement other necessities. Another move is to allow temples to lease land to the State which are owned by them under the Temporalities Ordinance and use the earnings to meet the maintenance costs of the temples.

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