Sikkim's affluent Buddhist culture attracts tourists

Sikkim which is situated in Himalayan Hills is a paradise for tourists. Currently the state Government has paced up its efforts to endorse many Budhist sites and festivals as tourist's destinations.

Kagyad chaam is the one of the four forms of veiled dances in the state.

Achieved by Lamas of Buddhist monastery on the every 28th and 29th day of Tibetan calendar, the dances represent exorcizing of malevolence spirits of previous year and welcoming the good spirits at the crack of dawn of New Year. Throughout the dance costumed Lamas with gaily-painted facades holding the ritual swords jump and swing to the rhythm of booming drums.

The lively dance not just captivates locals, but foreign tourists as well.

Kagyad dance passes various themes from the Buddhist mythology and concludes with the burning of statues made of flour, wood and paper. A worshippers of local Buddhist followers and tourists get together once a year to witness this extraordinary dance.

The Buddhist festivals, which imitate centuries-old tradition of Buddhism in State also contribute to the growth of tourism industry.

According to Sikkim Travel Agent Association general secretary Lukendra Rasily, "Tourists discovers it very very interesting, so different and when they come to Sikkim they go back with lot of memories which are not obtainable easily anywhere in the world."

"The tour operator is advertising; the Government of India is also marketing through their unbelievable India slogan," he added.

Sikkim has a lot additional to offer to the visitors, snow fully clad mountains, thick green forests and monasteries. Peace and general economic have brought in many visitors to the state. More than 300,000 tourists visited Sikkim this year alone.

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