Buddhism motivates Vail yoga class

The originator of the Summit Dharma Center and Tibetan monk Michael Gregory guides a workshop at the Yoga Studio at Vail Athletic Club from 9:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m., Saturday.

The “Mindfulness in Motion” workshop, trained with the studio instructor Karen Anderson, is destined to give participants into a deeper consideration of Tibetan Buddhism throughout own yoga.

Rachel Nelson, who recently took over as studio manager, supposed this workshop is the first of many new offerings.

“We are an asana-based building, which means we do focus on the physical side of yoga, however through these astonishing workshops our students can take what they've previously educated and start to view it through different lenses in this case, Tibetan Buddhism,” says Nelson.

Nelson speaks the idea for a Buddhism-based workshop came subsequent to the success of several group meditation classes and workshops at the studio.

“In this financial climate, I believe that our students, and all our Vail yogis are looking for ways to transfer their viewpoint from one of struggle to one of ease,” she said. “Yoga and meditation proffer new ways to achieve that, since our group meditation classes have been so well-received, people are actually looking for an opportunity like this.”

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