Buddha’s teaching deals with the major obstacles and way to over come the obstacles

Buddha teaching says that the five hindrances (Nivarana) are the major obstacles to our concentration.
  1. The Sensual desire i.e. abhidya
  2. Ill will, abhorrence, or anger i.e. pradosha
  3. Laziness and sluggishness i.e. styana and middha
  4. Restlessness and worrying i.e. anuddhatya and kaukritya
  5. Doubt i.e. vichikitsa -- doubt, skepticism, indecisiveness, or vacillation, without the wish to cure it, more like the common idea of cynicism or pessimism than open-mindedness or desire for evidence.

Meditation is one of the best ways to overcome all the above mentioned problems. So Buddhist often does meditation to avoid all the obstacles in order to obtain the Nivarana. Buddhist monks also teach the proper meditation to their students.

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