Yuroke--Peaceful Land of Joy Meditation Center celebrates the Tibetan culture in the New Year’s festival

Yuroke is a place where thousands of Buddhists from all over the country in a celebration for world peace. This Peaceful Land of Joy Meditation Centre use to celebrate the Tibetan culture in the New Year’s festival.

The Peaceful Land of Joy Meditation Centre gears up for its annual festival, traditional Tibetan culture, food and art and bringing Buddhism to life in Hume.

The temple, which was built using traditional Tibetan design and ornamentation, is nestled in a four-hectare Yuroke property surrounded by green gardens and traditional artworks. This was officially opened by the Dalai Lama in the year of 2003, the temple grounds house more than 2500 rose bushes, featuring more than 300 varieties. “People really like the place when they go their since it is such a nice and relaxing environment” and also “Visitors use to say how peaceful it is.”

The two-day festival is highlighted by a non-denominational ceremony for world peace, but that’s also a celebration of culture, art, music and tradition. The festival attraction includes a market housing the traditional crafts, jewelery, organic soaps, candles and incense. And there are also book stalls, open-air cafes, photographic exhibitions, a tour of the gardens and tips for green thumbs.

This is also a place to learn a little bit about Buddhism and meditation. The Tibetans celebrate their New Year and it’s all about getting over the obstacles of the last year or any obstacles that are present and setting them up for the future.

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