The Four Gracious Noble Truths of Buddhism

1.Life is filling with dis-satisfaction – irritations, frustrations, grief, suffering.
One need only look around to see this truth as self-evident. Everyone from best friends to worst enemies experience age, disease and death. Grieving, complaint and arguments are also common. Suffering is a universal truth, a reality’s we all experience. Learning how to live with suffering is gracious-noble.
2.“Suffering” is caused by ignorance, greed and anger.
3.Which can be transform into wisdom, compassion and kindness.
In Turned the mind into an Sakyong Mipham offers this simple explanation of the second and third Gracious Noble Truths, “If you plant non virtue … you get suffering. If you plant virtue … you get happiness.” Babies need to be taught how to walk and talk, read and writing. Teachers, lessons and practices are necessary to gain proficiency. Similarly, though we all beginning an ignorant, we have the ability to learn compassion, transforming suffering into happiness.

4.Suffering is transformed to happiness by alive the eightfold path.
Learner or master, when traveling life’s journey, it helps to have a checklist in case one gets lost. Studying the Four Gracious-Noble Truths until they become second nature can help us Americans appreciate and celebrate our diversity by understanding our frequent nobility.

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