The Great Jokhan Buddhism Temple

The great Jokhan Temple is the spiritual middle of Lhasa and is considered the most vital and sacred temple in Tibet. The temple was build in 642 CE and has since house the single most respected object in Tibetan Buddhism a sculpture of Gautama Buddha the originator of Buddhism.The city of Lhasa has 3 concentric paths that pilgrims utilize to walk to Jokhang Temple. A lot of actually prostrate themselves along these route in organize to gain spiritual merit!

It was founded during the reign of King Songsten Gampo. According to practice, the temple was built for the 2 brides of the king, Princess Wencheng of the Chinese Tang Dynasty plus Princess Bhrikuti of Nepal. Both wives are said to have brought most emphasis Buddhist statues and images from China and Nepal to Tibet as piece of their dowries, and they were housed here. Several Nepalese artists worked to construct this Jokhan temple.

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