Above 1000 foreign tourists visits Tibet - Buddhism

Tourism numbers have been raising for Southwest China's Tibet self-governing Region, with above 1,000 tourists visiting the area every day, the Tibet Tourism Bureau said Monday.

The agency said 1,588 overseas tourists from 40 countries, together with the United States, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, Australia, Japan and Nepal visited Tibet. 

Tourists from the United States on that day attained above 330, the major group along with those from the above-mentioned countries. 

Group of people from different Countries visited the Jokhang Temple, a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in the spirit of Lhasa, as well as Barkhor Street, one of the city's oldest streets.

A travel guide named Yang said his company is getting busier every day. Sunday saw Yang directed a group of Japanese tourists all over the city.

The department supposed that Tibet established 1.45 million tourists in the initial five months of the year, viewing a boost of 25.7 percent year lying on year.

Among the total number of tourists, 1.42 million were domestic tourists, the provincial tourism department said in a statement.

The highland region earns around 1.36 billion yuan ($215.87 million) in domestic tourism incomes all through the five-month period, the bureau said.

The tourism agency said Tibet anticipates 10 million tourist influx and 12 billion yuan in tourism profits this year.

According to the tourism agency, almost 8.427 million household tourists and 270,800 foreign tourists visited Tibet in 2011.

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