Buddhist International Summer Festival 2012 in England

Highlights : Modern Buddhism, the Path of Sympathy and Wisdom - Practicing the Union of Sutra and Tantra in Daily Life

The Summer Festival 2012 at Majushri KMC, Ulverston, England offers an exceptional occasion to get the oral teachings on the whole of Modern Buddhism.

Modern Buddhism, by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, educates the whole path to illumination. It is offered in a technique that is easy to perform and so provides great hope that people in this hectic modern world can come to understanding pure and peaceful lives and at last reach enlightenment.

The Summer Festival is moreover an amazing holiday. It is a public holiday that receives you into a different world where you can have an experience of religious sign and friendship. The insights grown during the celebration can be used all through the year to preserve the inner peace that is a stable foundation of happiness in daily life.

The Summer Festival is a two week event; you can focus all or any part of the event.

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