Buddha’s Spiritual Belief about Eternal Life

Buddhism is a religion which gives more importance for ethical values and spirituality. Buddhism teaches people how to reduce their suffering which they face in their daily life by understanding themselves better. Often, people do bad things, and they get evil responses. Since the cause of suffering is rooted in the mind and desires, and because desire and attachment are caused by mistaken observations by an ego-centered self which avoids causality, peace can only be achieved by careful observations and patient mind control.

Buddhism promotes the belief that we do not have a soul. Rather, Buddhists believe there is nothing in our lives which is permanent (or immortal). In Buddhist tradition, rebirth is a process in which the spirit is continually reborn after death until ultimate enlightenment is reached. Although the Buddha did not believe in God, this does not mean Buddhists do not believe in the existence of divine beings (gods). Buddha believed that the consequences of our actions have karmic effects, according to a person's intentions (or desires).

The vital distinction is that life, death, and rebirth are more of a continuum in the Buddhist faith, rather than a soul that has one life and one existence. Finally, Buddhist beliefs in death reflect how one leads life in the now. The goal is to seek the good, reject evil, and above all shed unawareness. If one follows this path and continuously keeps truth in mind then one can be reborn with superior existence.

Buddha’s last words to his disciplesMake yourself a light. Rely upon yourself: do not depend on anyone else. Make my teachings your light. My disciples, my last moment has come, but do not forget that death is only the end of the physical body. The body was born from parents and was nourished by food; just as inevitable are sickness and death. But the true Buddha is not a human body: -it is Enlightenment. A human body must die, but the Wisdom of Enlightenment will exist forever in truth and in practice.”

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