The 3rd Pattaya Buddhism Ceremony ended successfully

More than 20,000 people move towards to stick together in the merit making at the 3rd Pattaya Buddhism Ceremony in order to contribute food to 2,000 local monks as part of a larger movement to allocate food to 286 temples in the four insurgency-struck Southern regions, as well as to assist as many of the modern flood fatalities as possible.

At 6.00am on 27th November,2010 Mr. Itthiphol Khunplume (Pattaya Mayor) managed the 3rd Pattaya Buddhism Ceremony, which had been agreed by Pattaya City in coincidence with the Moral and Global Environmental Rehabilitation Club for the third year consecutively.

The ceremony involved several 20.000 people and was organised as part of a nationwide project to offer food to 1,000,000 monks in 77 provinces. Also integrated this year will be those areas exaggerated by the harsh floods mutually with 286 temples in the four Southern areas which have suffered uprising for many years.

Such a large assembly had demanded road closings, as previously proclaimed, but city traffic was liberated to flow again once the ceremony was completed.

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