Reinterprets the 3 Jewels of Buddhism

The 3 jewels of Buddhism are the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha. Conservatively, the Buddha stands for the personality Gautama Buddha who taught 2500 years ago in India. The Dhamma stands for his wisdom and the Sangha is the order of monks which he originated.

Whenever a rest person wants to get intended as a Buddhist, he has to declaim the three sanctuary thrice. By doing this, the person articulates his meaning to guide his life by following the teachings of the Buddha. If the person needs to become a monk, he must take formal promises.

Most of the people who believe themselves as Buddhists do not examine the deeper meaning of the triple gem. They pay compliments to the statue of the Buddha; they perform resources and rituals or read Dhamma and also present food and robes for the monks in the Sangha. Though, if one actually investigates the true meaning of the three jewels, one can determine the Buddha’s teaching for himself and become enlightened.

Buddham Saranam Gacchami (I receive Refuge in the Buddha)

Buddha factually means the ‘Awakened One’. It also stands for the Buddha Nature which is the fundamental substance of all the occurrence of this universe and also one’s true nature. So when one takes shelter in the Buddha, it is not stooping down to the image of Buddha or imploring to that image. In a deeper wisdom, it means taking protection in one’s true self or in true nature.

Generally, we are known by our person names and are living according to the conditions that life presents to us. Though, in the Buddhist understanding, this is repression. To be free, one must distinguish one’s true nature and live in it, which puts an end to all determined because one has reached one’s home.

Dhammam Saranam Gacchami (I receive Refuge in the Dhamma)

The word Dhamma has many significances. The most frequently used is that of the body of tradition of the Buddha in the form of dialogues and the sutras. Though, a deeper meaning of the word Dhamma is also phenomenon or eventual realism. It is like saying that ‘water flows since it is the Dhamma of water to flow’.

Enchanting refuge in the Dhamma does mean that, at the surface level, learning the sutras and following the teachings in one’s life. Though, in a deeper sense, one must obtain refuge in the true life of things. One must recognize that all things have the nature of impermanence, disappointment and bareness and live that understanding. This refuge meant to free of charge oneself from accessory to things and wrong ideas.

Sangham Saranam Gacchami (I receive Refuge in the Sangha)

The Sangha is the society of monks who live according to the teachings of the Buddha. They request for their food and use their time in meditation. In the factual sense, taking refuge in the Sangha means to connect their order by flattering a monk. Though, in the deeper sense, it means living the true life oneself. Living in society, where one is entice by all kinds of needs and authorities, one must live correctly even if one has to stand alone.

Taking refuge means one is sheltered against all danger and disaster. And captivating refuge in the triple gem is the true defense from the vicissitudes of life. Though, one must take the refuge considerate the deeper implication of the three jewels.

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