Revolutionary politics influences Buddhism in Sri Lanka

More than 40,000 monks were misplaced to the country duty to instruction by revolutionary parties. Instead of the Buddhist teaching, those monks pursued political programs, Buddhist Cultural Center Director Ven Kirama Wimalajothi Thera said.

Transferring a message to the JVP the Thera said: Nearly all temples have become empty and abandoned due to the lack of Buddhist monks. Buddhists are trapped in life due to lack well knowledgeable monks to offer appropriate guidance to them.

This has very much spoiled language, literature and culture. This situation matched the programs of certain NGOs, the Thera said.

The monks who were associated to political actions with the JVP were lost to their parents, teachers and supporters. Because of the destruction the JVP has done it shaped their defeat in the last election.

If they would be capable to rearrange, escaping disastrous activities of their part every person will bless them, said by the Thera.

Young monks should be well-informed below the Buddhist teaching in Pirivenas, or one more suitable higher education institute to accomplish the expectations of the intended life.

The JVP created envy, hatred and anger among young monks instead of affection, loving-kindness to attain the political achievements. Edition of young monks to the political actions is the largest violation of the human rights, the Thera said.

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