Remarkable Buddha Sculpture Made from Dead Bugs

Inamura Yoneiji, a 89-year-old man, created the statue in honor to the souls of the insects, in which most of them are beetles. Discussion about the statue, Yoneiji says “For children in the years instantly after World War II, Japan was poor and there was very little entertainment activity available, to the side from catching bugs. Though, every bug would eventually die after being caught. With making a statue of a Buddha from their dead bodies, maybe their souls can rest in peace.” And how much more peaceful could be in a statue of Buddha get, with the bodies of bugs complete into a new life to pay homage to Buddha.

Inhabitat has pretty eye for fascinating and beautiful green design, and this discover has a bit of the bizarre in it as well: a Buddha statue that emerge to be made from jewels, but is really comprised of 20,000 dead bugs. The statue, located in a society hall in the Gumma prefecture of Japan, took over 6 years to generate.

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