An Alcoholic Beverage

An alcoholic beverage is a drink containing ethanol, normally known as alcohol, although in chemistry the explanation of an alcohol includes many other compounds.

Ethanol is a centrally-acting drug, with a depressant produce, and many societies regulate or control its sale and utilization. Countries place various legal restrictions on the sale of alcoholic drinks to young people. The manufacture and consumption of alcohol is found to some scale in most cultures and societies around the world, from hunter-gatherer tribes to controlled nation-states. The expenditure of alcohol is often important at social events in such societies and may be an important portion of a community's culture.

Ethanol is only slightly toxic compared to other alcohols, but has significant psychoactive possessions at sublethal doses. A significant blood alcohol pleased may be considered legal drunkenness as it reduces attention and slows feedback speed. Alcoholic beverages can be addictive and the state of obsession to ethanol is known as alcoholism.

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