The doomguy, also known as Doom Dude, Doom or The Marine, is the character of the Doom series of computer and video games formed by id Software. In all the games, he is a space marine working for the Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC), who never speaks and is by no means referred to by name.
In the Doom novels, the main quality is referred to as Flynn Fly Taggart, which is universally suggested to be the Doomguy from the games. However, Tom Hall's original design draft, also known as Doom Bible, recommended his name was Buddy Dacote. In the Doom film revision, the main character, John Reaper Grimm is also suggested to be the Doomguy. This is a twist because the audience likely expects Sarge to acquire that role.
All of the computer-game renditions of the Doomguy dress in green armour. Reaper from the film story wears combat gear reminiscent of a S.W.A.T. operative.

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